We know almost always when a friend or family member getting arrested is happens unexpectedly and therefore you might not be sitting around with bail money in your wallet and we understand. 

Depending on the county & charge, bail can be set high and might seem out of your range.  If you believe you cannot afford bail, Better Bail Bonding can help with the process.  We allow you to put as little as 5% down. Once your bond is approved, you can literally ‘Bail Today and Pay Tomorrow’. Don’t let money stand in your way. We are here to help. 

Call Us NOW for a FREE consultation and don’t forget to ask about our payment options.  (803) 888.2663

Interest-Free Payment Plans

We understand that things happen at the most inconvenient times.  We offer interest free payment plans tailored specifically to our clients needs to make paying for a bail bond easy and affordable.  Everyone’s financial situation is different and we understand so let us put together a plan that works for you and your family’s budget.

Credit Terms

Although we offer Interest-Free Payment Plans, sometimes financing your bail bond might be necessary due to the amount of the bond.  Through our growing network of private lenders, we can refer you to a lender to apply for financing for your bail bond.

*Better Bail Bonding is NOT affiliated with any lenders , we only offer referrals*