About Us

About Us

Better Bail Bonding is located in Richland County SC.  We specialize in Richland, Fairfield and Lexington County; however, we service all 46 counties in South Carolina.


At Better Bail Bonding we know all people aren’t bad but bad things can happen. We know that you are suppose to be innocent until proven guilty. Our Mission is straightforward, “To assist every client with the 3 S’s  Speedy, Satisfied Service at a reasonable rate”. Our Clients are special to us and we want to insure that they are given better opportunities for themselves through being able to provide potential job opportunities and investment strategies.  We know that situations like these can be overwhelming so we believe in being with our clients from the start of the bail bond process to the end of their case. It is our pleasure to assist you and your family in your time of need. 


Internally, we have an expectation “To Set the Standards of Service and Affordability in the Bail Bond Business.” This means we will never become satisfied that we have done enough to serve our client’s core needs. Whether we are researching new ways to expedite the release process, upgrading the atmosphere within our offices or fine tuning our financing alternatives, our clients can be assured we will never stop trying to serve them better.


Here at Better Bail Bonding our agents are required to follow set principles that are in place for our clients. We want our clients to have a peace of mind. 


Integrity is huge to Better Bail Bonding, as an agency we believe you are innocent until proven guilty. We believe in making  your experience the best while providing great customer service throughout the process. We understand that this process may be new for a lot but we want to educate our clients on the process. Explaining ALL upfront fees that need to be paid, to avoid any misunderstandings on top of reviewing all singed documents before their are signed. 


Privacy is our #1 priority. We want to ensure you at Better Bail Bonding we take your privacy and your information seriously.  No matter the situation your information will not be released. 

If you are stuck in jail, we can bail! Call Better Bail Bonding at 803.888.2663 and let one of our Bail Agents help you today!